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Cinnamon-Sugar Biscuits
1 can plain buscuit dough
1 Tbls Cinnamon
1/4 Cup Sugar

Mix the Cinnamon and Sugar.  Take one biscuit from the can and roll it like a snake.  Wind the dough around a stick (the thinner the snake, the faster it cooks).  Cook the dough over a campfire until golden brown.  Roll the cooked biscuit in butter, slide off the stick, the roll it in the cinnamon-sugar mix. 

Pour honey in the hole after removing the stick.
Dutch Oven Cobbler:
1 Box Cake Mix - any flavor
1 Can Soda - any flavor
2 Cans Pie Filling - any flavor
1 Stick of Butter

Grease the dutch oven with some of the butter.  Pour in the 2 cans of any flavor of pie filling.  Pour in the box of any flavor of cake mix.  Cut up the stick of butter and place on top of the cake mix.  Pour in any flavor of soda.  Carefully stir the soda and butter into the cake mix, without mixing in the pie filling.  It does not need to be 100% mixed.  Put on the lid.  Place the dutch oven in a bed of about 20 coals.  Put about 10 coals on the lid.  Cook for about 30 min.  Tip: as soon as you start to smell it, check it, because it is probably done.

Delicious Combinations:
Chocolate Cake Mix with Cherry pie filling and Cherry Coke
Vanilla Cake Mix with Cherry Pie Filling and Sprite
Lemon Cake Mix with Blueberry Pie Filling and Sprite